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Custom Stix.com - FAQ


1. What kind of drumsticks are these?

Custom Stix uses hand selected USA hickory, 5B wood tip drumsticks. Custom Stix are smooth, straight, and consistent. They are manufactured by a major U.S. drumstick company that specializes in specialty drumsticks as well as providing sticks to other stick companies that want the best drumsticks for their clients.
2. Can I play with these sticks?

Absolutely! Custom Stix feature full-color graphics that are applied to first-quality drumsticks using a patented image transfer process. Due to this advanced process, our finishes won’t rub-off on hands, drums or cymbals. So, while they may look too good to play with, they’re made to take a beating.
3. How do you apply the art?

These sticks are not wrapped, coated, or screen printed. The art is heat fused to the sticks using a patented image transfer process. You can’t peel it off, scratch it off, or rub it off. The art becomes one with the wood.
4. Can two-for-one stick pairs have different graphics on each pair?

No. In order to give you the best price possible, we require that the two pair minimum have the same exact art and text.  
5. What if my school or band wants to order large quantities?

Send us an email with the details and we will get back with you regarding large quantity pricing and turnaround times.
6. Do you offer more drumstick sizes?

Currently we only offer the 5B model. We have found that to be the most popular size among most drummers. We will, however, be adding more sizes in the near future. Be looking for our 3S marching model first!
7. Can I get an endorsement with Custom Stix?

Currently we are taking applications from drummers that are serious about making a name for themselves and their band. Are you signed, independent, do you have any other endorsements, what are your careers goals, etc… Those are the type of questions that we want you to answer. If you are interested in endorsing Custom Stix, send us an email to the contact section and tell us about you and why you want to partner with us. Remember, we can’t give away our products, so please don’t ask.
8. How long does it take to get my order?

Usually 10-14 days within the U.S.
9. Do you ship internationally?

If you live outside the USA and would like to order our products, please click here for international shipping rates.
10. What is your return policy?

Click here to review our return policy.  

11. What is your privacy policy?

Click here to review our privacy policy.  

12. Can I send you my own artwork?

We will have the "custom artwork" upload portion of our website up very soon,
but for now, all custom art orders require a minimum order of 12 pair.

Price list for larger quantities of same design.
12 pair   $8.25 per pair
25 pair   $7.50 per pair
50 pair   $6.75 per pair
100 pair   $6.50 per pair
250 pair   $6.25 per pair
500 pair   $6.00 per pair
1000 pair   $5.75 per pair
2000 pair   $5.25 per pair

Our design team will be happy to come up with a custom graphic for free.
A small art fee applies to orders less than 250 pairs.

Art requirements:

  • Minimum of 300 dpi in a JPEG, PDF, or PSD.

  • Art should be sent flat, not in layers, in CMYK. Dimensions are 12.5” x 1.93”.

  • White does not print. If white is used in your art, it will show up as clear,
    resulting in the wood grain showing through. This is a cool effect
    that we use with several clients.

  • If you want to have the art fade in from the tip, (which is recommended) remember to have the art fade from 100% clear on the left side of the art to 100% full. Otherwise, there will be a line where the art begins.
    We usually take about 2 inches to achieve this effect.

  • We are not limited to the amount of colors that can be printed.
    We can print almost anything.

  • Please keep in mind that we cannot print items or names that are protected by a trademark such as RockBand, Elvis Presley, VicFirth, ProMark, etc…

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